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Get That Kid Out
of My Classroom

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The Author, David C. Long

When I began practicing law as a tax attorney
in Washington, D.C., I never imagined that one
day I would have a full-time career as a civil
rights attorney suing public schools in federal
court for the wholesale and systemic
violation of students’ rights, including:

• placing a mentally retarded
student more than 500 times
in a 3 by 5 feet wooden cage

• issuing a high school diploma
to a student who couldn't tell
time or make change for a dollar

• disciplining a 10-year-old student
by having him involuntarily committed

• tying up a third grade student
with a jump rope, and burning his
leg with a cigarette lighter

• a 10-year-old female
student who was raped,
beaten and left for dead,
after she was given written
instructions at a school
fundraising meeting on
how to sell fundraising
merchandise to